Monday 1 October 2012

The Tale of Green Street

Green Street in the 1910s
The origins of the name of Green Street are said to come from a man named Oliver Green who was involved with property in the area and is believed to have lived from about 1563 to 1623.
That is of course the recorded history, but while I was researching some information on the street I came across this alternative version of where the name came from and it is this alternative version I want to share with you now.

It is said that during the time of the plague it was this street that was heavily affected in Cambridge, and it was decided that because of this the houses on both sides of the street had to be boarded up to contain it.

When the boards were finally taken down grass had grown thick and long behind them all, and it was from this day that the street was called Green Street.

This is a truly wonderful tale and I had to share it with you all after I read it. It is amazing how it has stayed alive for so long and been passed through the generations. .