Sunday 2 June 2013

Cambridge on Film

Below is a collection of links to films from the East Anglian Film Archive which are about, or feature Cambridge.


Cambridge in 1944

Running Time : 23:03

The daily lives of undergraduates at the University of Cambridge in 1944.

Cambridge in 1931

Running Time : 11:05

A day in the life of a student at the University of Cambridge, including many scenes in and around Cambridge.

Proposed Redevelopment of Central Cambridge - 1962

Running Time : 12:47

Anglia Television report on plans to redevelop central Cambridge.

City in the Sixties: Cambridge

Running Time : 12:11

Anglia Television programme depicting life in Cambridge in the 1960's.

Sir Winston Churchill Opens Churchill College

Running Time : 4:41

Sir Winston Churchill inaugurates Churchill College by planting two trees.

Filmed on 22nd October 1959

The Leading Motor Engineers - 1932

Running Time : 3:41

Promotional film for King and Harper's, automobile and accessories dealers in Cambridge.

Calling V.H.F - 1955

Running Time : 26:51

An instructional film for sales engineers on V.H.F. Communications equipment and how to sell it.

The Greatest Folk Festival in the World

Running Time : 25:27

Anglia Television celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Cambridge Folk Festival

The Cambridge Story - 1957

Running Time : 17:28

A film promoting the applications of Pye radio and television equipment.

Un-identified Flying Objects - 1964

Running Time : 6:59

Anglia Television report on the meeting of a Cambridge group seeking flying saucers.

Cambridge Bumping Races - 1961

Running Time : 5:49

Anglia Television footage with commentary of the May Bumps along the river Cam.

Topical Budget: Bumps On The River Cam - 1927

Running Time : 1:03

Bumping races on the River Cam.

Famous Director Of Thriller Films, Mr Alfred Hitchcock - 1966

Running Time : 4:42

Anglia Television report on Alfred Hitchcock's visit to a meeting of the Cambridge University film society.

I AM A Fugitive From A Sane Gang - 1933

Running Time : 8:18

A silent comedy by amateur filmmaker and cinema historian H.A.V Bulleid.

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